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For over 25 years we’ve been pushing limits and creating breathtaking landscapes across Ontario. Our combination of exceptional service and industry leading design has been our recipe for success. With this success spanning more than 2 and a half decades our team just can’t wait to define our future.

When you visit our design studio, you inherently become part of our family. We’ll begin by getting to know as much as we can about you home, your family and your lifestyle. With the possibilities of what we can do may be endless, we’re only interested in the ones that are right for you. We want to completely understand all of your expectations and dreams of your outdoor space. This enables us to create an outdoor living environment that fits you perfectly.

We do...

01. Landscaping

The heart and soul of what we do is landscaping, and we do it better than anyone else. From concept to completion, we'll work with you to make your new outdoor living environment a beautiful reality.

We do...

02. Property Management

With Landscape Effects Group Property Management, you can rest assured that your grounds will be meticulously mantained, guaranteeing both pedestrain saftey and exceptional appearance.

We do...

03. Snow Removal

We provide complete snow and ice management services locally as well as across Canada. We are proud members of Sima and are accredited to operate in the U.S through ASCA.

The most succesful projects are built on collaboration


Our Design Process

When we first meet, we’ll show you the importance of design and introduce key landscaping elements. We’ll clearly explain how we work, including why we charge a design fee. We’ll also tell you what you can expect from us – and what we expect from you. Depending on how involved you want to be, we may even ask you to do a little homework by giving you a questionnaire to help us learn more about you and your family.

After our initial meeting you’ll see that professional design is a great investment. Because no matter what the budget is, we always bring the same exceptional level of creativity and artistry to every project. Above all, we want our relationship to be one of mutual honesty, trust and understanding. Because at the end of the day, the most successful projects are built on collaboration.

Take a chance - go beyond tradition

Our Team - on the inside

Paul St. Pierre


Jennifer Bartos

Executive Assistant to Paul St. Pierre

Jason Gill

Chief Operating Officer

Ghantous El-Tayar

Landscape Design/Build Team Leader

Heather Horton

Senior Designer

Michelle Wevernik

Landscape Designer

Greg Geml

Director of Construction Operations

Gavin MacDougall

Team Leader of Canada & Ontario Wide Services

Bridget Hauser

Senior Account Manager

Keith Rivard

Account Manager

Jody Kraynack

Account Manager

Jay Lutsch

Account Manager

Marisa St. Pierre

Account Manager

Caleb Docherty

Account Manager

Samantha Tofflemire

Account Manager

Melanie Mailloux

Subcontractor Liaison

Jared McKinlay

Maintenance and Snow Removal Team Leader

Keegan Brennan

Maintenance and Snow Operations Manager

Marissa Chauvin

Maintenance & Snow Coordinator

Rose Turner


Meghan Brennan

Purchasing and Compliance Manager

Amy Lane

Director of Finance

Yvonne Fase


Emma Codogan


Erica Soulliere

Accounting Clerk

Tanya Wall

Accounting Clerk

Our Team - on the outside