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At Landscape Effects,
it all starts with you.

When you visit our design studio, we’ll begin by getting to know as much as we can about your home, your family and your lifestyle. For instance, do you like to entertain and throw parties often? Or are you looking for more of a peaceful retreat, a place to simply relax and unwind? While the possibilities of what we can do may be endless, we’re only interested in the ones that are right for you. We want to completely understand all of your expectations and dreams for your backyard space, so we can create an outdoor living environment that fits you perfectly.


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See what a difference brilliant design and flawless execution can make. View a sample of before and after images of some of our recent projects.


Our client wanted to make a distinctive statement. We were more than happy to answer the call. Situated in the exclusive Boblo Island residential community, this project combines style, elegance, functionality and comfort, culminating in a one-of-a-kind outdoor living environment perfectly tailored to its surroundings and, most importantly, its owners. The project was professionally recognized by Landscape Ontario, earning the honour of being named “41st Annual Construction Program Award Winner.”

The Process

When we first meet, we’ll show you the importance of design and introduce key landscaping elements. We’ll clearly explain how we work, including why we charge a design fee. We’ll also tell you what you can expect from us – and what we expect from you. In fact, we’ll even ask you to do a little homework by giving you a questionnaire to help us learn more about you and your family.

After our initial meeting, we believe you’ll have a clear understanding and appreciation of the value of design. You’ll also see that great design does not have to be expensive. Because no matter what the budget is, we always bring the same exceptional level of creativity and artistry to every project.

Above all, we want our relationship to be one of mutual honesty, trust and understanding. Because at the end of the day, the most successful projects are built on collaboration.

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